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This post is mostly for cosplayers in Arizona or any that are going to Arizona for PCC(Phoenix Comicon). I would love it if any one who cosplayed reblogged this in order to spread the word and help out this fellow cosplayer!  Thank you for any help given!

Phoenix Comicon is a few months away! I want to host a panel for the first time but I need people who also would want to be apart of it. 

The panel would be an Ask A Character Panel for the new anime K Project. Since this show was so dramatic and deep and overall amazing, I believe it should have a panel at the biggest convention in the state. I would like to get as many of the characters as possible in order to make the experience more interesting for the K Project fans!

If I can get the names of the participants, then it is possible for them to get a free one-day pass for the day of the panel.

I have to submit the panel summary by mid-March. So, if I don’t receive an ‘audition’ for a character by then, your name won’t be on the list and there could be a possibility of not getting the free pass.

Audition Process:

  1. Film a video of you in you K cosplay. If you don’t have it complete, show what you have and your plans of getting it finished and state if you can have it complete by the convention. Have one part of you telling a bit about yourself and another part of you in character.
  2. Post the video on whatever site you want to use and send the link either to my tumblr, my YouTube account(OhMyKeybladePro), or my email(PM if you need to know)

Possible things to do/say in your audition video: 

How you discovered K, What character you are cosplaying, Why you cosplay that character, Your opinion of the show, in character give your opinion of other characters( ex. Kuro talking about how he thinks about Neko’s dressing and eating habits), In character say your history ( ex. Sakuhiro talking about his switch from HOMRA to Scepter 4.), etc. 

There is no limit to what you can do! Please keep it PG-13. :)

Characters Taken:

  • Yashiro Isana
  • Neko